About the Wolverhampton Aviation Group

Lifting the Hunter from Moreton-in-Marsh    "Up your end", XE597 arrives at it's new home.    

Formed in (amazingly enough) Wolverhampton by a small group of then British Rail train drivers who shared a similar interest in aviation in general, and British military aviation in particular. The group has expanded over the intervening years to a select group of individuals. Although the membership is still predominantly West Midlands train company employees, there has been a creeping and worrying influx of non-train and/or non-Midlands members over the latter years.

Details of the Hunter cockpit owned by the group are here:- Hunter XE597


LATEST NEWS is that the long lost 5th Telly Tubby has at last been found. Bobby-Dunny was pictured recently in a bemused state wielding his tool in a most unorthodox manner!



During the winter of 2006, our Hunter was fitted to a new trailer; this was undertaken by Bill Fern of AeroVenture at Doncaster. For this we would publicly like to thank Bill, Naylan Moore and AeroVenture for all their help in undertaking this task which proved to be rather problematic.